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Undermount Drawer Slide 75 lb Soft Closing Full Tandem 2 Zinc Triggers 6 Pair

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Soft Closing Drawer Slides Glides
Rear Bracket for Face Frame Mounting, Framed Cabinets
Concealed, recommend installation with a Jig
Includes Mounting Screws, Installation Instructions
Sold as a Set of 6 Pairs

Undermount Slides require custom made drawers.
Highly recommend getting a undermount jig to create
the notches for the railing on the bottom of the drawers.

Most Kitchen Cabinets have a depth of 24 inches, so 22 inches are our most sold drawer slides.
Bathrooms usually have a depth of 20 inches, so 18 inches are most appropriate.
Smaller lengths maybe for kitchen Islands or specific uses

Please measure twice before placing your order. Measure the distance from the front edge of the cabinet to the inside face of the cabinet back and then subtract 1". Face Frame cabinets will require a rear mounting bracket, whereas for faceless cabinets the slides are mounted directly on the side. Undermount slides measure the length of the drawer.
There are guides on Rockler.com or Kitchensource.com with detailed pictures for installation. If completely lost and with much work ahead, there are jigs that speed up installation.

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