Mounting Plate, Base Plate. Known to work with brands: Silverline, Amerock, and Ferrarri. Blum Plates are not Compatible.

Finding the right plate:

Face Framed Cabinets have plates which look like airplanes.

Frameless Cabinets can include medicine cabinets, or cabinets found in Ikea with pre-drilled holes

Height of 0, 2, 4, refers to adjustment of the door overlay. An increasing height of the plate means a greater door overlay. For most circumstances, H=0 is recommended.

Regular/Soft Closing refer to whether the plates are concave (soft closing) or convex (regular). The plates which are concave accommodate the soft closing hydraulic piston. In terms of use, concave plates are compatible with soft closing and non-soft closing hinges.

Adjustable plates have an adjustable cam screw.